Preventative Maintenance

There are conflicting stories about the value of preventative maintenance (PM). Many watch dog and consumer reporting agencies have published articles stating that there is no benefit to PM contracts or scheduling a spring service for your heat and air system. If the amount spent on PM is the only consideration, then I would be inclined to agree with some of what these groups have published, but their articles do not contain the whole story.

Forced Heating and Air Systems require the exchange of heat through forcing air across coils in order to perform properly. When a heat and air system is plugged up with cotton wood dander, pet hair or dirt they cannot exchange the proper amount of air. The system in the picture shown here is completely clogged with pollens and dirt. This type of obstruction will cause excessive Freon pressures that will ultimately lead to Freon leaking into the atmosphere, and it causes excessive heat on the compressor that leads to burned valves, tarnished contacts and wires, and wear on the electric motor, thus resulting in air conditioner repair, which is costly.

The unit inside has a coil also. Dust and other particles from the inside air can obstruct the air flow across these coils. Poor maintenance of the inside coil can lead to mold growth, a stopped-up condensation drain, and freezing across the coil.

The lack of proper maintenance to either coil causes premature failure of parts and an over consumption of electricity causing higher utility bills as well as the risk of expensive air conditioner repair. A dirty inside coil distributes dust and possibly mold to the air inside your residence with the potential for causing respiratory issues.

In short, PM on heating and cooling systems extends the life of the equipment, limits costly furnace and air conditioning repairs, helps to limit downed systems when you need them most, and aides in maintaining a healthy home.

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