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Blog | 5 Ways To help You Lower Heating and Air Conditioning Expenses and Stay Cooler

5 Ways To help You Lower Air Conditioning Expenses and Stay Cooler

The heat is on in Oklahoma. Is your air conditioner prepared? In Oklahoma, air conditioners are not just an addition to your home but a necessity. The costs for cooling your home keep going up and up. Every year the heat in Oklahoma is getting hotter and hotter than the last year. As demand increases from customers and newer rules get created, this causes the cost to produce power to increase. The customer winds up each year paying higher and higher prices for the power. It is for this reason the customer needs to make sure their air conditioning system is running at peak performance and efficiency.

Here are 5 ways to help you lower your air conditioning expenses.


  1. Covers for your windows. The loss of cooling through your windows is often not considered but is a way to lower high energy use and expenses. Choosing inside coverings like drapes, shades, blinds or outside items like window tinting, window shutters or awning - these items can block the outside heat from entering your home and improve curb appeal while lowering energy usage and expenses.
  2. Fans are a low energy usage cost method to improve air flow (ie floor fans or ceiling fans) by increasing the flow of cooler air throughout your home and they limit the amount of time your air conditioner runs thereby saving you money each month.
  3. Programmable Thermostats. Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to save cooling expenses. You can set the temperature to a lower setting when you are home and higher setting when you are not home. The programmable thermostat will pay for itself in no time. Your air conditioner will run less thereby saving you energy costs and using less energy.
  4. Home Energy Evaluation. A good way to lower your energy costs is to check door and window seals. Don't use the old style incandescent bulbs since most of the energy used is converted to heat instead of light. Use LED bulbs whenever possible since they use much less energy. Inspect your attic's insulation or hire a specialist to check the quality and thickness of the insulation. All air filters should be checked and or cleaned, including vents, to make sure air can circulate freely.
  5. Contact a professional to inspect your air conditioner. Air conditioners not running at peak performance costs more to operate. Doing simple home owner type maintenance is not always enough. Having a professional inspect your system can uncover problems with your system the homeowner cannot see. A professional is the best way to make sure all steps are taken for an efficiently running air conditioner.