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Blog | How To Find a Good, Reputable Heat and Air Company

In today's environment of social media and the world wide web, finding a reputable Heat and Air company can be a daunting task. There are so many platforms now to see reviews and of course social media can be even more daunting? Who do you trust? 

How do you know you can trust what's written on a Heat And Air contractor's website or Facebook post? While there is no guarantee, try and spend some time with the company before committing to spending money with them. Do they always pick up the phone? Is there phone number prominent on their website? Seeing the phone number prominently displayed tells you they want your business and are available. First and foremost make it a point to call 2 or 3 times. Do they pick it up in a timely manner or do you always get a "message". If it is hard to get through for SALES, just imagine how difficult it might be if there is an issue. Customer service should ALWAYS be one of the top considerations before using a company. This alone could save you tons of headaches and money.

When looking for a company to provide air conditioning and Heat Repair service, always look at their reviews, but be fair, it is impossible to please every customer, even when going above and beyond. Read the good as well as the negative. This will tell you what they do right and where they may have gone wrong on the negative review. In reading the negative review consider the persons text that wrote it. Many times you can tell "angry" ones from legitimate ones. 

The BBB and the States construction industry board can also provide a company’s rating and verify licensing. These are both very good sources to consider.

Some companies are notorious for sending a salesman before the technicians. His job is to use tactics to make an overpriced sale instead of a cost effective air conditioning and Heat Repair. Be sure and get 2 or 3 quotes and make sure you can talk to more than a salesman in case you may have an issue.

For small businesses, making marketing decisions have become tough. There are so many platforms to get your name out there, but with limited resources, a small business has to be selective. All that to say, it has become more difficult for good companies to get their name in front of potential customers and Heating And Aircontractors generally have a lot of larger corporations to choose from that many times are just "after the bigger bucks".  A/C Responders has a different look at marketing. Marketing is both our reputation and the way we advertise. Our reputation is rock solid and we consistently go the extra mile. I believe in 360 degree wins. I want the service we provide to be the best service possible, without the price tag of some of our competitors, and never try to sell something the customer doesn’t need. I want the experience to be positive for both parties which is why we offer flat rate pricing. We want to be your Heat and Installation company!

So give us a call today. We are sure you will be pleased with not only our quality work, but also our knowledgeable technicians and our friendly customer service. We treat our clients the way we want to be treated. Its as simple as that!