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Blog | Spring Air Conditioning Inspection

Oklahoma's extreme weather conditions can be very detrimental to your HVAC system as a whole. AC Responders heating and air company prides itself on air conditioning services and check up to ensure you don't have a hot house in the middle of summer.

To ensure your system is running at peak performance, AC responders offers preventative maintence programs for their clients. One of the important spring time checkup includes:

  1. Visual Inspection
    Signs of future failure include corrosion, rust, overheating marks and moisture stains. A complete visual inspection will allow our technicians to recommend proper action to prevent failure.
  2. Cooling Components
    Coil and drain lines should be properly cleaned and inspected to prevent possible future flooding of your air conditiong system.
  3. Electrical System & Components
    From your thermostat to your relays / switches and eveything in between. Our techinicians will inspect your entire electrical system and their components to ensure everything is in working order.
  4. Overall Operation
    Checking the basic operation of your air conditioner is essential. Compressor function, coolant levels, etc... will all be tested so that your system won't leave you hot in the summer or cold in the winter.